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Sports Bags
   1 Austrian Buyers  
   7 Foreign Buyers  
   9 Foreign Buyers  
Shopping Bags
   74 Foreign Buyers  
Leather Bags
   153 Foreign Buyers  
Nylon Bags
   2 Foreign Buyers  
Tote Bags
   14 Foreign Buyers  
Jumbo Bags
   43 Foreign Buyers  
Bean Bags
   3 Foreign Buyers  
Household Storage Bags
   2 Foreign Buyers  
School Bags
   33 Foreign Buyers  
Fashion Bags
   51 Foreign Buyers  
Denim Bags
   8 Foreign Buyers  
Gift Bags
   24 Foreign Buyers  
Used Bags
   30 Foreign Buyers  
Computer Bags, Laptop Bags
   29 Foreign Buyers  
Wine Bags
   3 Foreign Buyers  
Food Bags
   18 Foreign Buyers  
Beaded Bags
   7 Foreign Buyers  
Medical Bags
   15 Foreign Buyers  
PP (Polypropylene) Woven Bag
   74 Foreign Buyers  
Paper Bags
   109 Foreign Buyers  
Garbage Bags
   34 Foreign Buyers  
Cosmetic Bags
   15 Foreign Buyers  
Bag Machinery
   5 Foreign Buyers  
Children Bag
   3 Foreign Buyers  
Bags & Baggage Accessories
   91 Foreign Buyers  
Silk Bags
   1 Foreign Buyers  
Cement Bags
   18 Foreign Buyers  
PP (Polypropylene) Plastic Bags
   209 Foreign Buyers  
Traveling Bags
   64 Foreign Buyers  
Embroidery Bags
   4 Foreign Buyers  
Evening Bags
   10 Foreign Buyers  
Industrial Bags
   364 Foreign Buyers  
Plastic Bag Machinery
   16 Foreign Buyers  
Agriculture Bags
   1 Foreign Buyers  
Tea Bag
   4 Foreign Buyers  
Cotton Bags
   27 Foreign Buyers  
Cooler Bags
   6 Foreign Buyers  
Bags, Baggages & Suitcases
   2 Austrian Buyers  
   1708 Foreign Buyers  
   1 Buy TradeLeads  
Shoulder Bags
   5 Foreign Buyers  
Sleeping Bags
   13 Foreign Buyers  
Jewellery Bags
   11 Foreign Buyers  
Leisure Bags
   1 Foreign Buyers  
Tool Bags
   2 Foreign Buyers  
Canvas Bags
   16 Foreign Buyers  
Jute Bags
   1 Austrian Buyers  
   117 Foreign Buyers  
Air Bags
   4 Foreign Buyers  
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from Austria

WANTED : Bag Wrapping Machine
Dear Sir, We have a buy requirement for bag wrapping machine and we need 10 pcs. The shipping will be based upon CIF. Our destination port will be in Austria. The payment will be done by L/C. Suppliers from worldwide contact us with their b

Austria Posted on
21 Nov 2014
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from Austria

WANTED : Cable Bags
Dear Exporters, We would like to have best and specific quotations for cable bags. The quantity required by us is 20 pcs. The delivery is required at Austria. We will make the payment through bank transfer to worldwide exporters. Regards Co

Austria Posted on
24 Sep 2014
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from Austria

WANTED : Foldable Shopping Bag
Sir/Madam, We want to contact worldwide exporters who can supply us foldable shopping bags. Product Specifications: a. 190 T Polyester b. Size-approx 56*40cmc. c. Color-Redd.PMS-185Ce. D. Imprint-2c –1POS(including Carabiner to work as a keychai

Austria Posted on
26 Jul 2014
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Austrian Buyer

Cds Gmbh
Tin, bags, brush

Austria Member Since
31 May 2007
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